Liberals Vote Against Ethics

May 9, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario PC Caucus announced an eight-point Accountability and Ethics Action Plan to promote fairness in politics and government, including provisions to make government advertising more accountable and a ban on unethical lobbying practices, such as Ministerial staff soliciting donations from Ministry stakeholders.


“The government talks tough, but creates loopholes for itself at every turn” MPP McDonell commented. “We submitted an Opposition Day Motion to bring the Government to account on its failure to address the serious ethical issues that came to light with cash-for-access scandals over the last year and a half. This was the government’s chance to acknowledge their failings and take the first step to creating a better political environment for all. Instead, they voted us down.”


Political fundraising reforms banned elected members from attending fundraising functions. The Official Opposition counters that this still allows well-connected Ministerial staff to exercise high fundraising pressure on major Ministry stakeholders.


“We want the law to state explicitly that Ministers and their staff can’t solicit money from their Ministry’s stakeholders” MPP McDonell stated. “If our action plan is implemented, it would ensure Ministers and senior staff always serve Ontario and its people, rather than the coffers of the Liberal Party”.