Spelling “Debt” in Twelve Words

May 16, 2017

QUEEN’S PARK – As the Legislature votes on the provincial Budget, MPP Jim McDonell sets the record straight on what is at stake.


“Residents will hear many assertions by the government regarding this vote and they deserve the truth” MPP McDonell stated. “The Legislature is not being asked to vote on the 330-page Budget document. We aren’t even voting for or against its executive summary, or the Liberals’ many promises. The day after a budget vote, should it pass, they remain just that – promises. We are voting on twelve words Ontarians should not stand for: “that this House approves in general the Budgetary Policy of the Government”. That’s it. Failure by the Budget motion to secure passage in the Legislature would reflect a loss of confidence by the Government, triggering an election; something residents in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry tell me every day that we desperately need.”


“This government has made us the most indebted sub-national government in the world and has no plan or inclination to reverse” MPP McDonell stated. “When they have a fiscal hole, they plug it with one-time revenue from the sale of valuable assets or by counting unauthorized assets such as pension funds. Their only concern seems to be bamboozling enough Ontarians long enough to survive the next election. Would you approve of such a policy? I don’t, and from the many constituents who have come to me with feedback over the years, I am confident you don’t either.  That is why I have no confidence in this government and will not support any item of business that implies confidence with it. This includes the Budget motion, the Budget Bill, the Estimates and the Supply Act.”