Bill 148 to be Examined Again

October 24, 2017

CORNWALL – Bill 148, which implements the government’s labour reforms, has passed Second Reading and returns to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs for review. A schedule of hearings is yet to be set; however, presenter time slots are expected to fill up fast. MPP Jim McDonell encourages all local stakeholders interested in presenting to the Committee to come forward.


“Bill 148 is a monumental shake-up of our labour market, and all stakeholders affected by it deserve to be heard,” MPP Jim McDonell stated. “Last time the government pretended to consult on the issue, they shut local stakeholders, such as the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce out of meetings within the region in Ottawa and Kingston, forcing them to drive over 5 hours to Western Ontario in order to be heard or to give up their opportunity. If the Committee holds hearings outside of Queen’s Park, this time they should give SD&G a voice.”


Anyone interested in making a presentation to the Committee must contact the Clerk at the earliest possible opportunity at 416-325-3506 or