Government must ensure students can complete their education

November 14, 2017

CORNWALL – As the strike affecting Ontario colleges continues, MPP Jim McDonell is urging the government to make students’ education a priority and find a solution that will see classes resume immediately.


“Students’ completion of their courses and semesters is now severely jeopardized” MPP Jim McDonell stated. “The government has consistently failed to fund post-secondary education adequately, forcing colleges into a financial squeeze and precipitating the situation that led to the strike. Now, confronted with the consequence of this short-sighted policy, the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, who also doubles as Deputy Premier, remains silent and lets the colleges take the blame. This is not acceptable. The government created this mess, they should at last take steps to reduce its impact on students’ academic progress”.


Students at Ontario’s colleges have voiced concerns regarding increased financial obligations and challenges arising from the strike, including additional student residence rental, higher loan amounts and loss of income for those who expected to graduate.


“Education costs keep building up, yet students aren’t receiving the education they paid for and expect,” MPP Jim McDonell concluded. “Ontario provides the least amount of funding for colleges and universities in Canada and it’s time Premier Wynne stopped dithering and had the parties agree to resume classes.”