Jun 1st 2017 Environment Ministry Ignoring Ontarians’ Complaints

QUEEN’S PARK – Documents obtained by citizens’ groups opposed to Industrial Wind Turbine developments in their communities through Freedom of Information requests show the Ministry of the Environment is deliberately ignoring Ontarians’ complaints regarding excessive turbine noise. Over 2,000 expressions of concern have not been answered, despite the Ministry’s obligation to address such concerns before […]

May 19th 2017 Cost of gas plant scandal more than doubles to over $3B, hitting ratepayers

QUEEN’S PARK – It turns out the $1.2 billion price tag revealed by the Auditor General in 2015 for the Liberal gas plant scandal is just the beginning. Now ratepayers will be on the hook for an additional $1.56 billion to pay for the replacement gas plants in Sarnia and Napanee, according to reports.   “The […]

May 17th 2017 Petition – Stop Pickets at Group Homes

Petition To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:   WHEREAS Community Living provides essential residential services and care for vulnerable Ontarians; and WHEREAS group home residents and staff deserve a peaceful and nurturing environment in order to function at their best; and WHEREAS picketing of group homes is currently allowed during labour disputes; and WHEREAS the […]

May 16th 2017 Spelling “Debt” in Twelve Words

QUEEN’S PARK – As the Legislature votes on the provincial Budget, MPP Jim McDonell sets the record straight on what is at stake.   “Residents will hear many assertions by the government regarding this vote and they deserve the truth” MPP McDonell stated. “The Legislature is not being asked to vote on the 330-page Budget […]

May 9th 2017 Liberals Vote Against Ethics

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario PC Caucus announced an eight-point Accountability and Ethics Action Plan to promote fairness in politics and government, including provisions to make government advertising more accountable and a ban on unethical lobbying practices, such as Ministerial staff soliciting donations from Ministry stakeholders.   “The government talks tough, but creates loopholes for […]

May 8th 2017 The Time for a Moratorium is Now

QUEEN’S PARK –MPP Jim McDonell challenged the Minister of Education today during Question Period following the education review committee meeting in Merrickville, last Friday.   “The meeting was a complete disappointment” MPP McDonell stated. “Stakeholders highlighted that it was simply too little too late. Unless a moratorium saves the schools currently slated for closure, by […]

May 5th 2017 Government Votes Against Enhancing Student Safety

QUEEN’S PARK – During the Committee stage of Bill 65, the Government voted against a Progressive Conservative amendment that would have significantly increased student safety – ostensibly the reason for Bill 65 in the first place.   “School bus camera evidence against reckless blow-by drivers should be admissible in court, instead today it has no […]

May 1st 2017 MPP McDonell Encourages Local Attendance at Merrickville School Closure Consultation

QUEEN’S PARK – The government appointed a panel of three MPPs drawn from the Liberal caucus only to review rural education and the panel’s meeting schedule has just been released. The closest meeting to the Cornwall and SD&G region will be held this Friday night, May 5th, 6.30pm at the Eastons Corners / Merrickville-Woldford Community Centre, […]

May 1st 2017 Monthly Column – The Long Awaited 2017 Budget

  The government presented its budget on the last Thursday of the month. It contains several funding promises, re-announcements of previously committed infrastructure funds, as well as a plan for universal drug coverage for Ontarians under 25. While the government would like us to believe that they have solved their spending problem, they still have an operating […]

Apr 27th 2017 Liberal budget another expensive shell game

QUEEN’S PARK – The Government presented its budget today in the Legislature. Despite claims of the government achieving budget balance, the PC Caucus highlights that an operational deficit of $5 billion has not gone anywhere and has been covered through one-time cash injections and creative accounting, such as adding $500 million in pension assets to […]

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