Nov 14th 2017 Government must ensure students can complete their education

CORNWALL – As the strike affecting Ontario colleges continues, MPP Jim McDonell is urging the government to make students’ education a priority and find a solution that will see classes resume immediately.   “Students’ completion of their courses and semesters is now severely jeopardized” MPP Jim McDonell stated. “The government has consistently failed to fund […]

Nov 10th 2017 Opposition Amendments to Bill 148 Will Ease Burden on Municipalities

CORNWALL – The Official Opposition tabled amendments to Bill 148 that would ensure small and rural municipalities can continue providing volunteer firefighter services once the government’s sweeping labour reforms are implemented. As written, Bill 148 would require volunteer firefighters to be on call 24/7. Municipalities and municipal advocacy organizations such as the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ […]

Oct 24th 2017 Bill 148 to be Examined Again

CORNWALL – Bill 148, which implements the government’s labour reforms, has passed Second Reading and returns to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs for review. A schedule of hearings is yet to be set; however, presenter time slots are expected to fill up fast. MPP Jim McDonell encourages all local stakeholders interested in […]

Oct 19th 2017 Liberal Numbers Don’t Add Up

QUEEN’S PARK – The Financial Accountability Officer highlighted today that the government’s debt reduction claims are $6.5 billion off the mark in a new report.   “As the need to address this shortfall becomes more urgent, the government will find itself with less funds to spend on key priorities such as health and education” said […]

Sep 29th 2017 Time to Care

PETITION To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:   WHEREAS   the government first promised a legislated care standard for residents in the province’s long-term-care homes in 2003 but are yet to make good on their promise;   WHEREAS   the Long-Term Care Homes Act (2007) empowers the provincial government to create a  minimum standard;   […]

Sep 29th 2017 Organic Regulation

PETITION To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:   WHEREAS   Canada is now the 5th largest organic market in the world and expanding by over 10% annually;   WHEREAS   the Federal government adopted the Canada Organic Standards in 2009 for products labeled organic that are traded outside of their province of origin;   WHEREAS […]

Sep 25th 2017 Government Awards More Unneeded Power Contracts

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario Government recently offered more than 390 new Feed-in-Tariff energy contracts, despite repeated admissions by senior Government members that these deals have been bad for Ontario.   “We don’t need this power, yet the Liberals continue to buy more and more of it at prices far exceeding the market rate for […]

Sep 18th 2017 MPP Encourages Local Students to Be Legislative Pages

QUEEN’S PARK – The Legislative Page program allows Grade 7 and 8 students to spend three weeks at Queen’s Park, learning how the Provincial Parliament works while continuing their school studies in key subjects. The application process is competitive and the deadline to submit applications is November 15th this year for Grade 8 students. Grade […]

Sep 14th 2017 Sign the Petition on Bill 148

PETITION To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:   WHEREAS   the government is undertaking significant labour reforms with Bill 148 and changes to the minimum wage, and   WHEREAS   the Financial Accountability Officer highlighted the potential for 50,000 job losses directly linked to the government’s initiative, and   WHEREAS   key stakeholders such as […]

Sep 12th 2017 Financial Watchdog Warns Liberal Policies to Cause Job Losses Among Youth

QUEEN’S PARK – The Financial Accountability Officer, an independent watchdog, highlighted that the government’s proposed rapid changes to Ontario’s minimum wage framework could result in 50,000 job losses among young workers, and potentially more.   “The Ontario PC Caucus and I have joined business advocates for months telling this government that they must study the […]

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