Jan 13th 2014 Hudak to Introduce “Million Jobs Act”

CORNWALL – Today Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak announced his upcoming Million Jobs Act, to be tabled at Queen’s Park when the Legislature reconvenes in February. “The Million Jobs Act is an important first step in returning Ontario to growth” – said Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell. “We offered the Wynne Liberal Government to clear […]

Jan 10th 2014 More Job Losses Unacceptable – MPP Jim McDonell

CORNWALL – MPP Jim McDonell is troubled by the most recent job statistics for Ontario, which show 39,000 lost jobs for the month of December. “The New Year should be a time of celebration, however 39,000 families had to confront the reality of Ontario’s lack of jobs” – said MPP Jim McDonell. “The Wynne Liberal […]

Dec 17th 2013 Column – 2013 in Review

By Jim McDonell   There was a sense of anticipation as we waited for the new Premier to be selected by the Liberal party.  This process was initiated by the former Premier Dalton McGuinty, as he tried to quiet the outcry over two gas power plants that were cancelled to retain four Liberal seats in […]

Dec 3rd 2013 Liberals to Hike Energy Cost in Near Future – Again

QUEEN’S PARK– Yesterday, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli outlined the Province’s Long-Term-Energy Plan (LTEP), which committed Ontario to buying more surplus power from subsidized solar and wind sources.   “The Government is doubling down on the failed McGuinty policies that landed us with the highest hydro rates in North America,” said MPP Jim McDonell. “The Liberals’ […]

Dec 2nd 2013 More Ontario Job Losses in the News

By Jim McDonell Heinz is just the latest in a long list of large employers who are closing their facilities in Ontario, putting over 700 employees out of work.  Unfortunately, this is a tale that we are hearing far too often in Ontario.  These jobs are not disappearing, nor are they moving to another country; […]

Nov 14th 2013 Canada’s Debt Going Down While Ontario’s Continues to Climb

CORNWALL – “While the Federal government expects budget surpluses in the near future, the Ontario liberals continue their deficit spending and ignore the need to bring Ontario’s finances back on to a sustainable footing” – MPP Jim McDonell said today. “Ontario’s deficit will soon double that of the entire federal government. This threatens our ability […]

Nov 7th 2013 Ontarians to pass $20,000 per capita debt threshold in 2014

QUEEN’S PARK – “Finance Minister Sousa’s Fall Economic Statement was a perfect opportunity for the Liberals to show the Province they have a plan to bring Ontario back on track to prosperity” – said MPP Jim McDonell. “Instead we see, buried in the back pages of the accompanying booklet, that each and every Ontarian will […]

Nov 5th 2013 Five Years as a Have-Not Province Is Unacceptable – MPP Jim McDonell

QUEEN’S PARK – As the Wynne government’s Fall Economic Statement approaches, MPP Jim McDonell reminds us that this week marks the fifth anniversary of Ontario being designated a “have not” province.  The next fiscal year will be the 5th straight year Ontario has received equalization payments.   “From the economic engine of Canada and a […]

Nov 4th 2013 The Power Plant Fiasco

By Jim McDonell   Last month, the Ontario Auditor General confirmed what we have believed all along, that the cost to cancel the Oakville power plant was $815 million, substantially more than the $40 million that the Premier, Cabinet Ministers and Liberal staffers were claiming under oath.  When added to the Mississauga cancellation, this pushed […]

Oct 18th 2013 Kathleen Wynne Failing Ontario’s Young Workers

CORNWALL – The Ontario PC Caucus is calling Premier Wynne out on her government’s record on youth unemployment. “Ontario’s young people deserve a government that will open up opportunities, not one that drives up unemployment and makes empty promises,” said PC MPP Vic Fedeli, the Ontario PC Finance Critic. Despite promises contained in last year’s […]

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