Apr 25th 2017 Minister of Health Struggles to Provide Excuses for CCH Overcrowding

QUEEN’S PARK – During Question Period, MPP Jim McDonell demand the Minister of Health account for the continued overcrowding situation at Cornwall Community Hospital, where occupancy rates have been as high as 138% with patients accommodated in hallways and any space the staff could find.   “This government spent more than a decade giving with […]

Apr 10th 2017 Government Must Take Action At Hydro One

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell demanded the Minister of Energy stop acting as a Hydro One salesperson and instead focus on acting in the public interest as the majority shareholder of Hydro One.   “The Ontario government owns the majority of Hydro One shares” MPP McDonell commented. “They have no excuse for tolerating obscene […]

Apr 6th 2017 Stop Partisan Government Ads

Petition To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario   WHEREAS   since 2006, the Auditor General of Ontario had been responsible for reviewing all government advertising to ensure it was not partisan; and   WHEREAS   in 2015, the government watered down the legislation, removing the ability of the Auditor General to reject partisan ads and […]

Mar 20th 2017 Coming Soon to a Location Near You

Last week, we saw provincial government members fanning out across the province to broadcast the news of their latest energy scheme – the 17% cut to hydro bills paid for by mortgaging more of our children’s future. This week they launched an expensive advertising campaign on the public dime promoting their plan.  Just two years […]

Mar 7th 2017 Government Votes Against Preserving Rural Public Education

QUEEN’S PARK – The government just voted down an Opposition Day Motion by Official Opposition leader Patrick Brown that called for a moratorium on all school closures in Ontario and a full review of the Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines issued to school boards by the Ministry of Education.   “The PC Caucus and I have […]

Mar 3rd 2017 Government’s Hydro Plan an Expensive Shell Game

CORNWALL – The Ontario Government announced electricity rate cuts on Thursday, to be paid for through refinancing of the Global Adjustment and transferring costs from the electricity ratepayer to the taxpayer.   “The latest Liberal plan does not undo any of the reckless policies that created the problem in the first place,” MPP McDonell clarified. […]

Feb 23rd 2017 Fix Inconvenient, Expensive Functional Assessments

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jim McDonell launched a petition today calling on the Government to guarantee the delivery of driver functional assessments within the United Counties of SD&G and to reduce the cost that Ontarians have to bear out of pocket for the service.   “Seniors, Ontarians recovering from a stroke and many other drivers […]

Feb 16th 2017 Ministry of Education Must Step Up for Rural Schools

CORNWALL – Following an outpouring of community support for rural education, the Upper Canada District School Board amended its proposals for pupil accommodation to preserve a number of the schools previous slated for closure.  The revised plan still recommends the closure of the secondary component of Rothwell-Osnabruck.  The loss of South Stormont’s only secondary school […]

Jan 26th 2017 Petition – Reform the Justice System in Ontario

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:   WHEREAS   In 2015 Ontario had, at 43.8%, the highest rate in Canada of charges withdrawn, stayed or otherwise removed prior to a trial, and WHEREAS   this situation causes significant costs to be incurred by the legal system, corrections, the individuals facing the charges and the general public whose […]

Jan 24th 2017 Small Game Hunting Regulations Are Changing

CORNWALL – Area hunters in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry are encouraged to provide the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry with feedback regarding proposed changes to hunting seasons affecting our area.   Until January 31st, Ontarians may comment on the proposed simplification of hunting seasons across the Province by visiting the Environmental Registry posting at or […]

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