Apr 22nd 2013 Ontarians Have Lost Confidence in This Government

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario PC Caucus will shortly table a non-confidence motion against the Liberal Government. MPP Jim McDonell highlights enough is enough: “It is time to stop the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals’ decade-long record of mismanagement, waste of public funds and deception.  Over the last few months, we witnessed their deliberate attempts to hide information […]

Apr 19th 2013 McGuinty-Wynne Liberals – Putting Their Party Before Taxpayers

CORNWALL – This week saw the revelation by the Auditor-General that the decision to cancel the Mississauga and Oakville power plants resulted in the Ontario Power Authority being placed in a very weak negotiating position with contractors Greenfield South and Eastern Power, which they used to their advantage. MPP Jim McDonell commented: “The McGuinty-Wynne Liberals […]

Apr 16th 2013 Liberal Disinformation Continues on Gas Plant Cancellations

QUEEN’S PARK – Former Secretary of Cabinet Shelly Jamieson confirmed under oath today during a Justice Committee hearing that the Government knew all along about the potential costs associated with the Mississauga and Oakville gas plant cancellations. MPP McDonell stated: “Jamieson’s testimony confirmed that Cabinet was fully briefed on the costs associated with the cancellation […]

Apr 15th 2013 Power Plant Report Shows Liberals Throwing Good Money After Bad

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario’s Auditor-General released his report into the cancellation of the Mississauga power plant. Following years of preparation construction, the Liberal Party then announced during the election campaign that construction would be halted and the project cancelled. MPP Jim McDonell commented: “The decisions to cancel the Mississauga and Oakville power plants were purely […]

Apr 12th 2013 Fraser Institute Energy Report is Another Indictment of Liberal Energy Policy

CORNWALL – A new report by the Fraser Institute into Ontario’s energy market confirmed that electricity rates will continue their dramatic rise due to the Green Energy Act, implemented by the McGuinty Government in 2009. MPP Jim McDonell remarks that the report confirms previous findings by the Auditor-General: “The evidence against the failed Liberal policy […]

Apr 12th 2013 Living Within Our Means Requires Respect for Taxpayers

CORNWALL – On Thursday, April 11, MPP Jim McDonell joined his Ontario PC Caucus colleagues voting in favour of the Capacity to Pay Act 2013. The Act would have enacted significant reforms to the current arbitration system and answered demands being made by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). The Bill was voted down […]

Apr 10th 2013 Only the Ontario PCs Stand With Ontario’s Tradespeople

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario PC Caucus today called for the Government to scrap the College of Trades, which charges mandatory membership fees to tradespeople and contractors, yet delivers no service. The Opposition Day Motion, moved by PC Apprenticeship Reform Critic Garfield Dunlop, was defeated by a coalition of Liberal and NDP members. MPP Jim […]

Apr 8th 2013 It Is Time To Get Serious About Job Creation

  Last month, Ontario’s private sector lost 58,000 jobs, the largest decline since the recession. March also marked the 75th consecutive month that Ontario’s unemployment rate was higher than the national average. With Ontario’s economy in serious trouble and after more than six years of below average performance, one would expect to see our provincial […]

Mar 18th 2013 Back to Work to Put Ontario on Track

The Legislature returned to action with a new Premier and a new Throne Speech.  Our leader, Tim Hudak had met with Kathleen Wynne, requesting immediate action to address the debt crisis facing Ontario and help for the 600,000 Ontarians looking for work.  Unfortunately, the Throne Speech indicated a plan that continues to ignore the harsh […]

Mar 8th 2013 Gas Tax Must Be Shared With Rural Ontario

CORNWALL – On Thursday, March 7, The Ontario PC Caucus, joined by several NDP members, secured the passage in Second Reading of MPP John Yakabuski’s Gasoline Tax Fairness for All Act. MPP Jim McDonell was pleased to see the Bill passed, considering the Liberals’ opposition. MPP McDonell commented: “Rural Ontarians pay the same gas tax […]

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