Jan 18th 2013 MPP Jim McDonell Meets with Second Street Site Patients

CORNWALL – Residents of the Second Street Rehabilitation Centre, located at the Cornwall General Hospital, are concerned about the prospect of the sale of the site and requested a meeting with Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell earlier this morning. MPP McDonell commented: “I want to hear all the perspectives on the matter and this meeting […]

Jan 17th 2013 Ontario PCs Release Social Assistance White Paper

CORNWALL – The Ontario PC Caucus released today their new White Paper called Paths to Prosperity – Welfare to Work. It outlines a vision to bring a greater number of Ontarians currently trapped in social assistance back into the workforce and provide greater opportunities for people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP […]

Dec 12th 2012 Auditor-General Report Highlights Waste

QUEEN’S PARK – The Auditor-General of Ontario released his 2012 Annual Report earlier today, showing how certain Government programs and agencies can improve their services and operations, and bringing to light examples of unacceptable waste of taxpayer’s dollars. MPP Jim McDonell highlighted a recurring pattern: “Time and time again the Auditor-General exposes lack of project […]

Dec 6th 2012 Op-Ed: A New Deal for the Public Sector

Ontario is in a deep fiscal hole. Without urgent action, we’re staring at a $30 billion deficit, and a $411 billion debt, in just a couple of years. The Liberal government has no plan to deal with this. Instead we’ve lived through nine years of spending far more than we’ve been taking in, throwing money […]

Dec 4th 2012 Crack Must Answer for Made-In-Ontario Debt And Jobs Crisis

VANKLEEK HILL – “Liberal MPP Grant Crack must answer for nine years of reckless overspending by the Liberal government which has created a made-in-Ontario jobs and debt crisis” – Ontario PC MPP Jim McDonell said today during a media availability at Mike Dean’s Super Food Store. MPP McDonell commented: “In the midst of a jobs […]

Dec 3rd 2012 MPPs McDonell and Fedeli Talk Energy Costs and Wind Turbines

WINCHESTER – Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell and PC Energy Critic MPP Vic Fedeli met local businesses and community activists opposing wind turbines in Dundas County. Under provisions of the Green Energy Act, renewable energy developments are exempted from municipal review or zoning restrictions. Furthermore, renewable energy suppliers are guaranteed above-market rates by the Province […]

Dec 3rd 2012 MPPs McDonell and Fedeli Focus on Energy Costs in Chesterville

CHESTERVILLE – Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell and PC Energy Critic MPP Vic Fedeli met local businesspeople and members of the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce during a luncheon in Chesterville. Attendees expressed frustration at the rising cost of energy in Ontario, in particular the increasing Global Adjustment Charge – used to cover the cost […]

Dec 3rd 2012 MPPs McDonell and Fedeli Focus on Energy Costs in Ingleside

INGLESIDE – Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell and PC Energy Critic MPP Vic Fedeli toured Tri-County Stainless Inc in Ingleside, learning more about the impact of increasing energy prices on Ontario businesses. The Global Adjustment Charge can total over $1,000,000 for energy-intensive businesses and is used to cover the cost of selling surplus energy to […]

Nov 21st 2012 Agenda for Growth – Balanced Budgets

Ontario can lead Canada in job creation again, but first we need to make tough decisions to balance the provincial budget and start paying down the debt. Most people would agree that Ontario needs to balance its books. Each year the government delays balancing the budget, it adds billions of dollars to the debt – […]

Nov 19th 2012 Farmers Deserve Better than McGuinty’s Bureaucracy

Ontario’s farmers will find it more difficult or outright impossible to do business in the Province beginning in 2013 unless a severe bureaucratic blunder is resolved swiftly. Under the Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act, 1993, every farm needs a Registration Number in order to operate. The three farming organizations that had the right […]

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