Nov 15th 2012 Recalling the Legislature

One month ago, the Liberals shut down the Legislature in the midst of a jobs and debt crisis. They were facing a growing list of scandals, including their $1-billion seat-saver program for the cancelled Mississauga and Oakville gas plants and their eHealth boondoggle that’s wasted $2 billion of taxpayer money with little to show. Rather […]

Nov 13th 2012 Press “Liberal” for Less Service

“The closure of all Service Ontario kiosks following numerous security breaches is another symptom of the Liberal Government’s mismanagement of public projects” – says Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell. Service Ontario self-serve kiosks were originally shut down on June 6 after a massive security breach exposed thousands of Ontarians to identity theft. Government Services Minister […]

Nov 8th 2012 Lest we forget

Every Remembrance Day, residents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry take the time to honour and pay tribute to those who fought for the liberation of millions around the world and died for our freedom. From Vimy Ridge in WWI, to Dieppe and Juno Beach in WWII, defending Seoul during the Korean war to restoring stability in Bosnia, […]

Nov 7th 2012 Open Letter from MPP Jim McDonell to Minister Jeffrey Regarding Teleperformance

(pdf)   The Hon. Linda Jeffrey Minister of Labour 14th Floor, 400 University Ave Toronto, ON M7A 1T7 Honourable Minister, Today, a large employer in my riding of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry announced the closure of its operations in Cornwall. Teleperformance is yet another casualty of the jobs crisis in Ontario, and our brightest and most driven […]

Nov 2nd 2012 Riding Report – The Prorogation of the Ontario Legislature

It has been just over a year since the last Ontario election and no one could have foretold the chain of events that would lead up to last month’s prorogation of the Legislature and the resignation of Dalton McGuinty and so far, two of his key cabinet ministers, Chris Bentley and Dwight Duncan. All a […]

Nov 1st 2012 MPPs McDonell and Barrett sit down with social service representatives

Over the past week, Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett has been travelling Eastern Ontario garnering views on the recently-released report on social assistance. Barrett who is also the Community and Social Services Critic was in Cornwall this morning, in colleague MPP Jim McDonell’s riding, to hear from representatives who work with a variety of people in […]

Oct 17th 2012 Documents Implicate Cabinet and Premier in Power Plant Fiasco

QUEEN’S PARK – References to “Project Vapour”, cited by senior bureaucrats and the Premier’s Chief of Staff are included in the second document release on the Mississauga and Oakville gas-fired power plant cancellations. The documents indicate the existence of a Cabinet minute – a note for the record emerging from a Cabinet meeting – that […]

Sep 26th 2012 Motive to McGuinty’s secrecy is becoming clear

On August 27, fellow PC MPP Rob Leone asked the Speaker to rule on a point of order, sighting that his parliamentary privilege had been breached by the Minister of Energy for refusing to follow a May 2012 order issued by the Estimates Committee compelling the Minister to table all documents related to the cancellation […]

Sep 25th 2012 Minister Defiant of the Legislature – MPP Jim McDonell

QUEEN’S PARK – The McGuinty Government failed in its opportunity to come clean regarding the most expensive seat saver program in Ontario history in the wake of yesterday’s deadline for the Energy Minister to release all documents surrounding the gas plant fiascos in Oakville and Mississauga. The Minister chose to remain defiant of the direct […]

Sep 19th 2012 Ontario PCs Stand Up for Municipalities and Taxpayers

QUEEN’S PARK – Unaffordable arbitration settlements for public employees will become a thing of the past upon passage of PC MPP Jim Wilson’s Bill 121, “An Act to Deal With Arbitration in the Public Sector”. The Act will compel arbitrators to consider a municipality’s ability to pay for a demanded public pay raise before issuing […]

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