Jun 14th 2012 MPP Grant Crack Fights to Keep Taxpayers in the Dark About the Costs of Cancelled Power Plants

QUEEN’S PARK – Jim McDonell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry is disappointed to learn that Grant Crack, MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, along with other Liberal members, is obstructing the work of the Legislature’s Estimates Committee. The Committee has a mandate to question the Ministry of Energy over its expenditure estimates for the fiscal year 2012 and PC […]

May 23rd 2012 McDonell Receives French Language Services Petition

Local MPP Jim McDonell received a petition today from Language Fairness For All, a local group that seeks to draw attention to perceived unfairness in language-based hiring practices at Cornwall Community Hospital and the application of the French Language Services Act in general. The Act designates certain areas of Ontario as requiring the availability of […]

May 10th 2012 Open Up the Whole Condo Act

Jim McDonell, MPP, PC Critic for Consumer Services was pleased to speak in the Assembly to Rosario Marchese’s Bill 72, a Private Member’s Bill that would  revise many aspects of condominium ownership. McDonell commented: “The last major revision to the Condominium Act occurred in 1998. The industry has changed dramatically and there are issues that […]

Apr 26th 2012 A “Negative” Outlook Means Ontario is on the Wrong Path

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s highlighted how dented their confidence is in the Liberal Government’s fiscal management, by setting the credit outlook on Ontario’s debt as “negative”. S&P cited “continued weak budgetary and debt metrics” as one reason for their downgrade – they don’t find the Government’s numbers, forecasts or economic measurements credible. Local MPP […]

Apr 24th 2012 McGuinty Budgeting for Trouble

The NDP hammered out an eleventh-hour deal with the governing Liberals to allow the McGuinty Government to pass the 2012 Budget. Jim McDonell, MPP was not surprised: “Both parties have an appetite for tax-and-spend policies and we can see it in the details of the deal that were made available. The additional $1 billion (estimate) […]

Apr 24th 2012 Video – Shurman debunks the 2012 Liberal Budget
Apr 19th 2012 McDonell Speaks for Tenants

Jim McDonell, MPP rose to speak in the Assembly on Monday and Tuesday on Bill 19, a proposed law that would amend the Residential Tenancies Act. If passed, it would set the maximum rent increase guideline at 2.5% annually. “This Bill plays politics with vulnerable tenants” – McDonell said. The actual average rent increase of […]

Apr 11th 2012 Toward a Real Jobs Plan For Ontario

“PC Leader Tim Hudak (has) said that without any serious spending cuts, job creation plan or mandatory wage freeze, his party simply couldn’t accept the Liberal plan.” – The Toronto Sun, April 4, 2012 With new StatsCan numbers showing Ontario’s unemployment rate higher than the national average for the 63rd consecutive month – and no […]

Mar 29th 2012 Province Needs Jobs and Growth

On Tuesday, March 27, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell entered the provincial Budget lock-up, expecting to see a plan for creating jobs and ensuring economic growth. McDonell could not hide his disappointment with this year’s Budget which has spending up over $1.8 billion and no appreciable reduction in last year’s horrendous deficit of $15.3 billion. […]

Mar 27th 2012 This Budget is Weak

Jim McDonell, MPP expected greater vision and determination from the McGuinty Government in tackling Ontario’s spending crisis. “We see a Budget with no plan for jobs and no moves to contain spending. Expenditures are rising in more than half of the ministries; up almost two billion dollars from last year’s Budget. Our deficit is now […]

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