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Petition to Save Local Service Ontario Locations

Sign the petition to preserve in-person Service Ontario services in Morrisburg, Kemptville, Embrun and six other communities!

(download a copy or sign below)


To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Whereas Ontarians rely on Service Ontario locations to access public services such as health cards, vital statistics and land registry services;

Whereas many Ontarians in rural areas are unable to drive long distances to an alternative Service Ontario location;

Whereas the duty of government is to provide and preserve its ability to provide services to the public;

Whereas the planned closure of nine service Ontario locations, including Morrisburg, is an affront to Ontarians’ right to receive the public services they helped build with their hard-earned tax dollars;

Whereas the displacement of Land Registry Offices will create additional costs to the public as legal professionals and municipal officials will have to travel outside of their municipality,

We the undersigned petition the legislative assembly of Ontario as follows:

To halt the closure of nine public Service Ontario locations, including Morrisburg, unless the continued local in-person delivery of Service Ontario services in those communities can be guaranteed.